Dear all,

It remains our constant endeavour to push forward the vision of creating a digitally empowered nation. Our journey is incomplete and impossible without the participation of all stakeholders – from Governments to Industry to Institutions to the Citizens residing in the farthest corners of India. We eagerly share new developments of our tireless work through this 5th edition of Digital India eNewsletter.

To encourage innovative participation and build healthy competition, we have introduced three new categories for the Web Ratna Awards 2016 – Web Ratna District, Outstanding Digital Initiative by local body and award for best Mobile App. The award is re-christened as ‘Digital India Awards- 2016’. Last date for nominations is August 15th and we urge you to send your entries so efforts can be given due recognition.

Further, systems are being set up to build capacity for digital India by engaging with stakeholders to give ideas and enabling organizations to manage them. Learning and knowledge management systems are also being introduced within the Government systems to update skills of Government officials in order to realise the vision of a Digitally empowered India.

As we engage citizens through apps and social media platforms to give feedback, a system has to be in place to analyze and drive meaningful insights from that feedback to drive policy changes. Rapid Assessment System (RAS) being set up by NeGD is one such initiative. In this edition you will find details about all the initiatives mentioned above and more!

We look forward to you support and feedback in transforming India.

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I hope the newsletter will be helpful to the readers to track the latest development under Digital India programme. Feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Happy Reading!

Ms. S.Radha Chauhan (IAS), President and CEO, NeGD.