PM Modi leads International Yoga Day celebrations, PM Modi’s meeting with the economists to review economic growth and more…

Yoga is both ancient and modern. It is constant and evolving: PM Modi

Leading the International Yoga Day celebrations at Ranchi, Jharkhand, PM Modi called for Yoga to be taken to the poor and the tribals, as they suffer the most on account of illness. He also said that Yoga transcends the barriers of age, colour, caste, community, thought, sect, rich or poor, State, and border. He said Yoga belongs to everyone.

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Ahead of budget, PM Modi meets economists and experts to review economic growth and policy

In an interactive session organised by NITI Aayog, PM Modi met with over 40 economists and other experts on the theme “Economic Policy – The Road Ahead.” The participants shared their views on the economic themes of macro-economy and employment, agriculture and water resources, exports, education, and health.

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We should forget about ‘Paksh’ and ‘Vipaksh’ and should think about issues with ‘Nishpaksh’ spirit: PM Modi

Ahead of the first session of the seventeenth Lok Sabha, PM Modi welcomed the newly elected MPs while addressing the media. The PM expressed happiness in the increased number of women parliamentarians in the Lok Sabha. He also expressed hope that the opposition will play an active role in the house proceedings and contribute actively in strengthening of democracy.

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